Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Favorite Picture Book Blogfest

In celebration of this unique art form that combines two art forms (writing and illustrating)...

The above snip of explanation was enough to draw me into the "My Favorite Picture Book" Blogfest.  On Thursday, march 10th, participants will write about a favorite picture book.  It can be theri favorite, a child's favorite - whatever works for the individual poster.  

The challenge for me is going to be picking one book.  I LOVE books and fortunately, so do my children.  While we have family favorites, we have individual favorites, as well.  I may just have to write aboout more than one book and put them in categories.  Either way, I am looking forward to reading about other participants favorite picture books.



  1. I am going to sit this one out, because I would have to go back & remind myself of all the picture books I used to read when I was a toddler :P I'd probably say the Spot books, and yet there are illustrated books I have now that I'm not sure would be called picture books, but which I think are totally cool and full of amazing art. So...yeah. Sitting it out LOL

  2. So, I'm waiting to see your list...

    I don't have any childhood favorites. Didn't read them and don't remember any being read to me. All my favorites came from reading them as an adult, even before I had children.