Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Super Snooper Blogfest

Aiden stepped to the indicated door with equal parts irritation and regret.  He really should have called first but he didn't deserve to be sent to a random room as if he were a recalcitrant child in need of a time out.  As he passed over the threshold  he felt his scowl turn to a grin and he realized this was a room for pleasure not trouble.

An entire wall of the room was comprised of floor to ceiling windows that sparkled with incoming sunlight.  The view out the windows was filled with slightly overgrown but vivid green grass and two mature trees; one of which sagged with oranges in need of picking.

Turning his gaze back to the inside, Aiden marveled over the many espresso shelves overflowing with books.  They were floor to ceiling - just as the windows were - andcovered two of the remaining walls.  The third remaining wall was two-thirds covered in framed photographs.  He noticed there were three places on the wall that were conspicuously empty where other photos had once been but were now removed.  He went to that wall for a closer look and chuckled over the multitude of shots of three children;  two boys and a girl.  In almost every photo, the girl - the youngest - was flanked by the boys and she often looked slightly perturbed by them.  Either that or she was poking at one of them with a huge grin on her face.

Aiden moved in a circle around the room and was simply in awe over all of the books.  There didn't seem to be a genre missing; classics, science fiction, children's literature, plays, romance, poetry and even a few westerns.  And there was as much nonfiction as fiction.  There were several mismatched but comfortable looking arm chairs set up around the room.  Each had a small table and reading lamp beside it.

In the middle of the room was a large antique mahogany desk.  The top of the desk contained a laptop computer, a yellow, legal notepad, a cell phone, several pens, construction paper and crayons.  On the back of the rickety looking desk chair there was a black sweater ready to fall onto the floor.  Underneath the desk was a pair of black high heels that had been pushed off to the side.

The door to the room opened and Aiden couldn't help but grin at the person who stepped inside.

There you go - the stuff inside one room of the house.  And the yard outside the window.  Do you know my character now? This was fun.  Now I want to go read the other entries.  Thanks for stopping by.



  1. First off, sounds like an awesome room, and one I'd want to be in :D

    I would guess that the occupant of this room, other than being a mother or guardian of some kind, is a professional of some kind too ;) They don't have time to keep the garden completely pruned/perfect, but it's not utterly in disarray either.

    And they have good taste in interior decorating, OR whoever left them the house did :D

  2. Hmmm,could it be that Aiden is visiting his father? He's grown up now, and enjoys the photos of his brother and sister.

    What do you think of my
    ? :)

  3. Hmm . . . the missing pictures have got to be important. The large desk and the books have me thinking a library or a personal study of sorts. Construction paper and crayons means there were kids in that room, kids at play which usually denotes happy thoughts. The heels under the desk have me thinking your character is a male, the person waking in a love interest perhaps.

  4. Thanks for the comments. I love the insights you all have shown. The missing photos from the wall are significant. And yes, there are (mostly happy) children involved. Oh, and Trisha, you're right on about a busy person with not quite enough time to mow the lawn regularly.

  5. Hi,

    The legal pad denotes lawyer, kids stuff perhaps not that of her own, and she's a divorce lawyer or children's legal advocate in adoption cases.

    Probably wrong! ;)


  6. I also guess lawyer, although I would have said it was a woman's room, given the high heels. Someone who is busy, loves her kids, but there may have been a fall-out (perhaps with her husband), hence the missing photos. Great description--thanks for participating!

  7. Yeah, I guessed lawyer at first, but then I thought maybe someone doesn't HAVE to be a lawyer to have a legal pad :P