Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Writing - In Progress

There's this thing known as accountability.  After a very nice chat with my friend Julia - I am once again aware of just how lazy I have become about my writing.  Well, not the writing part of it but the submission part of the process.  I know this about myself and it drives me crazy.  I've mentioned before that I procrastinate the things I don't like to do.  Often, the parts of something that we don't like are necessary to the outcome of the whole.

I know, I know, talk is cheap - or in this case, typing is cheap.  Thus, my idea for accountability is born.  Once a week, I'm going to give a writing report.  And even if it's just for myself - that's all right because at least I feel that putting this out there will make me accountable to my own writing goals.  At least that is my hope.

This also has me wondering if other writers may need or want the weekly check-inaccountability report.  Or am I the only crazy person who loves the actual writing but is annoyingly lazy about the rest of it? You notice that I am being honest and saying that it is indeed laziness holding me back.

So, here it is - my first 'Progress' Report.

1. I have about ten thousand words written in the new book I started last month.  I've hit a bit of a wall already and I'm not even sure I like the main female character.  So, this week, I am going to figure out some more about her and adjust what needs fixing.  I love the premise for the story - I just need to work on the characterization.

2. There is a call for story submissions about finding love in our modern, technological age.  This intrigues me as a few of my friends have found their husbands/boyfriends through online dating.  I'm going to pick their brains a little bit and see if I can come up with a story idea.  If so, I'm going to start writing it and submit by the third week of April.  The deadline is April 30th but I'd rather get it in early.

3.  I am going to start submitting Safe Haven (my much-loved and finished novel that I've submitted in the past) again.  Yes, it has been rejected (or just ignored) up to this point.  However, I have done revisions and I still believe in the story and feel it's time to put it out there again.

4.  I have to decide whether I am going to do Script Frenzy in April or not.  I'm considering possibly doing my own NaNo challenge instead of a script, too.  I feel like I want to do some sort of challenge in April.  I just need to decide what exactly that challenge is going to be.

All right, I think that's a decent list to keep me busy and writing for the next week.  I'll come back next week with an update.  How about any of you? Want to join me in this weekly accountability/progress experiment?  It's all for the good of our writing!


  1. Wow Sheery. Good for you, getting all fired up! I'll be on the lookout for updates :)

  2. Yes, it's very important to like your main character. I think anyway :P