Monday, October 25, 2010

The Number of Books I Own

I'm really late getting to this today but I'm going to participate anyway.  Miz B at Should Be Reading asks:  
About how many books (roughly) would you say you own? (If you don’t have a clue how many, do you care to know? Why, or why not?)
I don't know the exact answer to this question but I'm going to estimate around 500.  I'd love to know just how many I own but a lot of my books are currently packed up in boxes and in the garage.  A lack of space is so annoying.

The number of books used to be significantly higher.  I honestly could not ever part with a book.  It's my dream to someday own a home with enough space for a dedicated library.  I'm determined to  make that dream a reality, too.  Anyhow, after having our first child, my husband convinced me that I had to let go of a large chunk of my books.  I knew he was right but it was a difficult task to undertake.  Still, roughly 500 books is quite a lot.  Hey, it dawns on me that this number is probably close to double when I add in children's books.  Yes, I'm passing my love and addiction for books on to my kids.


  1. It's always nice to see your kids taking up the reading habit. I can't say that my son is quite the book lover that I am...but he does have a large book case full.

  2. That's so wonderful that you share a love of reading with your kids! I think it's the greatest thing you can share with them. I have a couple hundred including 5 boxes of kid lit for my future classroom :D