Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Spring (and Possibly Summer) Bag

I have a thing for purses. I have a thing for shoes too but I'm addicted to purses, bags, totes, you get the idea. I saw this cute little tote and it screamed Spring,happiness and girly to me. Of course, the fact that it's pink automatically makes it girly but it's just so cute! I LOVE this bag but I almost didn't get it. I was afraid it wouldn't be big enough for the stuff I carry in my bags on a regular basis; it is, though! The big brown truck delivered my bag this evening and I immediately switched my necessities from the black satchel I was carrying to this adorable cutie. A nice thing about the size is that I will be forced to keep it clean and organized. There is no extra room for junk and clutter. My daughters saw the purse and immediately ewwed and awwed. My oldest asked if she can have it when I'm done with it. LOL She knows me well and I told her yes but she'd have to share it with her sister.

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