Friday, March 26, 2010

Food Revolution

I am getting this post in just before midnight. I'm glad I didn't fall asleep without doing it. March is nearly over and I haven't missed posting here yet. I'd rather not muck it up this close to the end.

I watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution with my husband tonight. I was absolutely disgusted to learn that chicken nuggets are made with all the trash parts of the chicken: skin, bones, connective tissue, giblets. YUCK! Thank God we don't feed that crap to our kids. It makes me all the more certain that I will continue packing lunches for my kids rather than having them eat the lunchroom crap. I feel sorry for the kids who are eating that processed junk. How is it that our schools are even allowed to serve such nasty, nutritionless garbage to our kids? Would you like to see the food in our schools improved? Sign the petition, get involved and let's all be a part of The Food Revolution!

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