Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Sunday

I only did a tiny bit of writing and reading today. Instead, I spent the day with my husband and daughters. The girls played outside a LOT; while my husband and I alternated playing with them and prepping for our upcoming garage sale.

I'm half looking forwad to and half dreading the garage sale. While I like purging our home of the unnecessary or outgrown items - I'm also not wanting to deal with the filth of actually going through the garage. Oh, and our storage unit, which we will be getting rid of - thankfully. I want this stuff to be done. I'm the one who has been pushing (okay, nagging) for it but I'm still dreading it. I know I'll be so pleased when it's all done, though.

Now, to close out the weekend, I'm going to watch Up in the Air with my husband. I hope it's a great week for everyone!


  1. How's the prepping for the garage sale going. I know what you mean....I hate setting up and the entire process but the end result is so worth it. How did you like Up in the Air? I liked it and especially enjoyed all the references to the Hilton Hotel chain....for obvious reasons of course. Love ya

  2. The prepping is going slow but we'll get it done.

    We didn't end up watching the movie because D was asleep when I went into the bedroom. :) So, since Castle is a repeat (if it's even on) we'll watch the movie tonight. Glad to hear it's good though, Deb.