Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book Club - YAY

I used to belong to a book club in real life. Well, due to life changes and expectations it understandably fell apart. I met my friend G through this book club and I am thankful that we have stayed in touch. Over the past - about eighteen months, wow - G and I have spoken many times about putting it back together. However, this hasn't happened because of real life responsibilities. Again, very understandable.

I am happy to say that a new book club will be forming soon; with G, a couple of other friends and I. It may seem a little silly but this is something that makes me very, very happy. I love and adore my family. They mean everything to me but I also love books. I love reading books, writing books, and yes, TALKING about books! I'm looking forward to once again sharing this passion with friends who feel the same way. And I admit that I am also looking forward to a guaranteed, once-a-month night out for myself. Is that selfish? I don't think so. I believe honoring what is important to me as an individual ultimately helps me to be a better wife and mommy.


  1. I don't find anything at all selfish about that -- and I would love to join a book club, too! We've tried to get them going where I am over the years, but things tend to fall apart pretty quickly. I settle with talking to friends and family about everything I read... and writing about it on the ol' blog, too :)

  2. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY BOOK GROUP!!!!! Hope you have a good night out once a month and GLAD IT IS STARTING BACK UP!!!!