Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thankful for Vacation

I have to say that my family is very much in need of a vacation. My kids are off of school for a week in celebration of Thanksgiving. My husband has a short work week coming up. I am so happy and so thankful for both of these things. For one thing, I love, love, LOVE when we all get to spend unhurried and relaxing time together. It feels like so much of our time is spent rushing from one thing that we need to do to another. So, we have some vacation together this week and we are not going anywhere. Well, we are going house and family hopping on Thanksgiving but other than that we are having a vacation at home. There will be no homework, no rehearsals, no long term school projects to work on.

What we will do this week (other than Thanksgiving, of course) is relax, read, go to the park, see some friends and quite likely watch some movies together. And, most exciting of all (at least to the kids and I) is that we will decorate for Christmas! In fact, if all goes well we will begin this fun activity in just a few short hours.

Do you have plans for this coming week that you are looking forward to?

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