Sunday, November 9, 2014

Some Days I Don't Feel Like Writing

I think I sometimes give the impression that it’s no big deal to me to write every day. Well, if I have given anyone that idea please accept my apology. It’s true that I do write every day and have for over a year, fourteen months now. It’s also true that I will continue to write on a daily basis. However, it is not always an easy thing for me to accomplish. Some days are so cram packed with things I have to do that I wonder where I’ll find the time to sit down, open my manuscript, concentrate (this is big for me on the bad days) and actually write. The thing is though, even when my day is so very full, I can still find fifteen or even thirty minutes to sit down and write. Most of the time on these days I can manage to get a lot of things done quicker than I thought I would and actually have forty-five minutes to an hour to write. And that’s really all I need to reach my personal word count for the day.

Let’s talk about the days I just don’t want to write. Fortunately, they are few and far between, but this kind of day does exist for me. Today has been one such day. I wanted to sleep in (I did). I wanted to crochet (I did). I wanted to hang out with my kids. I’ve been doing this, too. I wanted to read (I did). I have not felt like opening my manuscript and parking my butt in my chair to write. I did it anyway, and I’m happier having done so. I chose to do it because I’m committed to my writing. I’m committed to keeping my WriteChain intact. Ultimately, I choose to write because I love it and I can’t imagine my life without the characters I create. It’s just that some days I struggle to actually continue their stories. However, once I’ve begun, I’m happy about it again.
How about you? Are there days you struggle to get things done – even when they are things you love to do?

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