Sunday, November 8, 2015

Excited for the Holidays

I am excited for the holidays. I will acknowledge right now that I know Thanksgiving is first. I like Thanksgiving and so do my husband and children. We like the time we spend together and with extended family. I’d say we’re a pretty thankful family on a daily basis but it is nice to share in that thankfulness with extended family and friends. So yes, Thanksgiving is first and we are looking forward to it. I know my kids really look forward to the week off from school. Actually, I do too because I love having them home with me.

Now, having acknowledged that Thanksgiving is indeed first, my husband surprised the heck out of me today. He called and said, “Let’s start decorating for Christmas.” I honestly blinked and looked at my phone to be sure of our connection. When I asked what he laughed and repeated himself. My husband likes Christmas but he does not ever want our kids and I to put up a single decoration until the weekend after Thanksgiving. So fo him to have this change of heart is big. And exciting! Our daughters and I would truthfully leave Christmas lights up inside our home all year long if we thought we could get away with it. We LOVE Christmas and all the decorations and music and movies. I put a little fake tree in my daughters’ room the other day and they were giddy with happiness. So now, the idea of starting to put out the rest of the decorations is amazing. Of course, we won’t put up our tree yet. We can’t even if we wanted to because we get a real tree and they aren’t being sold yet. Plus, I wouldn’t want it to be dea by the time December arrived. So, with the exception of the tree we are going to decorate our home for Christmas this week. I am perfectly all right having Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations out at the same time.

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  1. I'm about ready to bring out the Christmas music!