Saturday, November 28, 2015

Burned Out

I am so burned out. For the past few days I have been sitting down to write fiction and nothing good comes out of me. I am starting to accept that I may need a break from the actual writing. Rather than feeling bummed out by this I feel relieved. I was thinking about this earlier tonight and began to feel really anxious. This is not the way I want to feel in regard to writing which is something I normally really love.

I’ve decided to cut myself a break and not force the fiction. I have still been writing each day but it has been more ponderings. I will still try to write something each day but I am going to focus my attention on revisions. It’s not my favorite part of the process but it is a necessary part. So, I am going to spend my daily writing time in revision. I’m sure this will put me back on track to writing new stories.

Plus, I have to admit that my attention has definitely turned to the holiday season. I have a few Christmas presents that I am making and want to finish up. There’s also the shopping, wrapping and baking to be done. There is decorating, too. That’s not to mention my family’s love of Christmas reading and movies. While all of this stuff is admittedly fun it is also time consuming. It’s all good, though. This is my favorite time of the year. It’s okay to take a break or shift some things on the priority list. What really matters, after, all, is friends and family. They’re the people who make life wonderful. Scheduling everything around them is perfectly all right with me.

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