Monday, July 11, 2016

Setting - Boston

I miss Boston. I lived there for a little over four years with my best friend. We were younger and single, college age. I love my life now and my husband and my kids mean the world to me. Still, sometimes I feel really nostalgic for Boston. So, in order to help me with this latest bout of walking down memory lane I have set my latest book in Boston.

When I first started writing the book the city I had it set in was vague. Then it hit me that Boston would be a great setting for the journey my characters were taking. So I started adding in what I think of as the flavor of Boston. I decided that it is Autumn in my story and that aded automatic dimension in my opinion. I could - and did - describe the colors and the sound the leaves make under boots as they crunch. I wrote about stepping outside when a scarf and mittens are in order but a huge coat is not. You can get by with a thick sweater over a t-shirt. Now I'm about to write a scene that will include the fireplace and the snap of real wood as it heats and warmth fills the room.

I know, I know, it's summer time. Believe me, I'm thrilled that it is summer (and that I don;t have to shovel snow in February anymore) but in my story my characters are enjoying all that Boston offers in mid to late Autumn - therefore, so am I.

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