Thursday, July 14, 2016

First Timer

I am so incredibly happy with how the Romance Writers of America annual conference is going so far! There are two more full days of it but it has been such a great experience already. I am hopeful that the remainder of the conference will be as great.

This morning I listened to a presentation by Jaci Burton and Jill Shalvis on keeping a Series Bible. It was fantastic! I have a lot of work to do when I go home. I have written several books of my series now. I took a break from it though because I became overwhelmed trying to go through previous books to find details on characters that I had forgotten. When I go home I will go through my books one by one and create my Series Bible because I'm sold on the fact that it will become an invaluable writing tool.

Tomorrow morning I am going to listen to a Chat with Nora Roberts. I am so excited about this, too! I met her at the Literace Autographing charity yesterday and she was so kind. I met Jill Shalvis also and she was super nice, too. Hey, I had to have my fan girl moments. After all, writers start off as fans first.

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