Saturday, July 23, 2016

Reading outdoors

Yes, it's another shot from our trip to the beach the other day. However, this particular image made me think about how much I love to read outdoors. I love to read wherever and whenever but there is something so special and extra relaxing to me about reading outdoors. At the beach it's the sound of the ocean crashing ashore. On my back patio it's the hummingbirds I get to listen to in the morning. In the mountains it can be an array of sounds - animals, creek water, the breeze rustling the trees. Of course, mixed in with all of it is often the laughter (and yes, interruptions) of my children. I admit I don't get a lot of reading done when we're in the outdoors together because I want to participate in whatever activity we're doing but I do always have a book (or my e-reader) with me. For example, when we went to the beach the other day I think I managed three pages. Still, I love reading outdoors. How about you? Is there a special, relaxing place that you love to read?

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