Saturday, January 2, 2016

Writing Space

This is my little writing space. It is a little more cluttered than I'd prefer right now. Once my kids go back to school this coming week I am going to give it a thorough overhaul. I LOVE the desk. My husbands grandparents gave it to us. This was a wedding gift to them when they married in 1950. Why is it that furniture isn't as well-made now as it was then? Anyway, I am going to give the desk drawers (and the top, for the matter) a thorough sorting. Then, if I can convince my husband it will be fine, I want to paint the desk. The top drawer on the right also needs the drawer cover reattached. Oh, and I'd like to put new drawer pulls on it, as well.

Having pictures of my kids and some of their artwork here inspires me. And of course, you see the Duran Duran poster. They're my favorite band and I have been inspired by their music for, well, I'll just say a LONG time.

Oh, and on the left you may see the Star Wars book. It is called Before the Awakening. It is written by Greg Rucka and I am so anxious to read this book. My kids are anxious about it, too. This will be the next book I read to them. It supposedly fills in a lot of details before the start of The Force Awakens. This is right up our alley as we all left the movie wanting to know more about Rey, Finn and Poe - Rey especially. So, this book is at the top of our reading list right now.

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