Sunday, January 10, 2016


I evaluated my goals for 2016 and made a list of the ones I want to accomplish. This is what I do rather than making resolutions. I get that the two concepts are fairly similar but for me the difference between a goal and a resolution means success or failure. I'm not sure why exactly this is but it's true. I succeed when I make goals and often failed when I made resolutions. Perhaps it's a matter of having the right mindset to do whatever works.

Anyway, here we are, ten days into the new year and so far, so good on my goals. It helps me to think of my goals in terms of daily achievement. Every day I will read with my children for thirty minutes. Every day I will write one thousand words. Every day I will crochet at least one granny square. Every day I will drink eight glasses of water. I haven't quite achieved this last one yet BUT I am drinking water every day - which is an improvement so I'll take it ad call it a win for myself. There are other daily goals I set for myself but these give a good idea.

As I shared in yesterday's post - I went to my local RWA meeting. I learned that I am eligible (and have been) to join the PRO level of the organization. I didn't know this but am glad that I know now. It's one more step forward in my publishing quest. I also realized as I listened to one of the speakers that I MUST make revision a part of my daily process. I have many novels that are complete. At least the first or second draft is complete. Now it is time for me to focus on making several (admittedly not all) of them fully revised, shiny and ready for submissions.

I need to focus more wholly on revision and submission. Will I still write every day? Absolutely. I need to write like I need to breathe. It is something I have done every day now for 851 days. I can't imagine stopping. It's more a matter of allowing myself to adjust this daily goal. Instead of holding fast to my 1,000 word per day goal I am going to adjust it to 500 - 750. And add that I must revise at least two chapters per day. If I do more then great but if not at least each day is another day forward toward being published.

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