Thursday, January 21, 2016


Do you ever feel like skimming through certain parts of a book? I admit that not only do I feel this way sometimes but that I actually do skim on occasion. And I feel guilty when I do! I'm a writer for goodness sake! I know how hard it can be sometimes to write a book. I know how long it takes. And even worse, I know how long and painful the revision process can be. So I feel like I have absolutely no business whatsoever skimming any part of an author's book. And yet I do it.

I skim if I'm bored but still want to know the outcome of the book. I skim if I'm short on time but still want to fit in some reading. I skim if I think the author was long-winded in a certain part of the book. I'm not entirely proud of this sometime habit of mine but I'm probably not going to stop it either. So, do you ever skim and if so why?

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