Friday, January 8, 2016

Becoming a plotter

I have recently come to realize that I must start plotting my novels. At least to some degree. I have always been what is known as a 'pantser'. That means someone who jumps right into writing the new story without knowing what is going to happen. This works great for me in the beginning of the book but not well at all when I reach the middle. Once I plod my way through the middle my 'pantsing' works well for the end.

The middle though... SIGH! I always hit a writing wall when it comes to actually writing the middle of the book. And this is where I've come to accept that I need to plot. So now I need to determine what method of plotting will work best for me. I don't want to entirely give up my jump-right-in method. So maybe I can begin that way but before I reach the middle I can sit down and plot with what I have from the beginning. I need to figure it out and I need to do it soon - like now.

Does anyone know of any planning methods that are a happy medium between planning out the book - and not planning it? I'd appreciate any and all suggestions!

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