Thursday, October 16, 2014


So, this Saturday, the 18th, is Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon. I cannot wait for this event. I am so excited to participate again. It's a twenty-four hour event devoted to books, reading and all things bookish. People from all over the world take part. In addition to the reading there are fun, book related mini challenges, cheerleading, fun videos and a wonderful camaraderie. It's a fabulous event that you can't go wrong being a part of if you love books and reading.

Today, I discovered yet another read-a-thon. This one is called the Wonderfully Wicked Read-a-thon. I LOVE the name; it's so appropriate for October. This one runs from October 17th through the 27th. The idea is to read what you can during the time period and have a good time. There's no pressure, no required amount of reading; just read, check-in once in a while and have a good time. I think this sounds fabulous and definitely wish to join in on this event as well.

If either of these events sound good to you - follow the links and join in the fun.

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