Monday, October 27, 2014

A Birthday and a Debut

Today is a great day for music. Well, everyday is, in my opinion, but there are a couple of things that stand out today as far as I'm concerned.

One: Happy Birthday to the front man of Duran Duran, Simon le Bon. My kids love that I still love this band and know that October 27th is his birthday. They can laugh all they want because they love Duran Duran, too. In fact, their school is having band t-shirt day tomorrow. Guess whose band t-shirts they want to borrow? That's right, my kids want to wear D2 concert shirts to school tomorrow. I'll let them but they have to let me take pictures. Anyway, in honor of Simon's birthday, enjoy their video for the fantastic All You Need is Now.

Two: There's a new singer named Sam Hunt. He is so talented and has such fun music. He currently has a Top 5 song in country radio and his debut album Montevallo is out today. It's fabulous and I highly recommend it. If you haven't heard anything by him, here's Leave the Night On, his Top 5 hit:

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