Friday, October 3, 2014


Editing. For some reason this is an emotional and frustrating topic for me. I know editing is a must for me as a writer. It’s a must because I am not perfect and I make mistakes in my writing. I also have to edit because when I’m writing and don’t want to stop to research something, I will make a note to myself within the body of the story to deal with whatever it is during editing.

I’m terrible about editing, though. I will put it off and put it off. The thing is though; I’m upset with myself for letting some stories go without editing for so long. I started editing my NaNoWriMo 2013 manuscript last month. Does that tell you something about me and editing? I put it off for over nine months. Then I finally, FINALLY started editing it with the intention of finishing it during September. Did I finish editing the manuscript? Of course not! Why? WHY? I ask myself in complete frustration. Editing is a part of the process toward becoming published. I know this but I am LAZY about editing. I need to get over it and just DO IT!

I have decided to make editing a part of my daily Write Chain. In addition to my daily writing I must also edit for at least thirty minutes. I am making this commitment to myself and to my writing process. I have to implement the structure or I am going to continue to be lazy about editing. I’ll keep putting it off and that’s no longer acceptable to me. This should have help me finish editing last years NaNo manuscript before I write this year’s.

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