Thursday, January 12, 2017

Plugging away

I had breakfast and a revision session with a friend this morning. We do this once a week and it is so helpful to me! For one thing it is super nice to have a friend who absolutely understands what it is to be a writer and working toward publication. I am very fortunate to have supportive people in my life: my husband, our children, family and friends but my writer friends understand on a different level. This morning my friend was working on her synopsis and realized she wanted to change the order of some of her story arcs. I knew exactly what she meant just as she understood my ramble about not getting stuck in revision and not submitting my book.

This brings me to what I've been struggling with for a month or so. I have been hyper revising. I don;t really know if that is a 'thing' but it has become a thing for me. I'm absolutely nitpicking my novel to the point that I am annoying myself! My friend helped me to realize that I need to stop this! So, I have decided that I will finish the round of revision I'm doing now and submit the story. I've given myself a goal of January 31st. I originally said I'd do it by next week but pushed it until the end of the month so I can write the synopsis. Maybe with the next book I'll write the synopsis first. At any rate, I am so thankful for the support system I have - especially writer friends who get all the quirks that go along with this endeavor!

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