Sunday, January 29, 2017

Floral arrangement

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My husband's grandma had a birthday earlier this week and we went down to see her and took her some flowers. There was a big family gathering yesterday to celebrate her and a few other birthdays. Mostly her though she might not like hearing that but hey, in the family's opinion, she's more than earned all of the praise and attention. She is the matriarch of the family, after all. 

The were caboodles of flowers around her house which was so beautiful. However, all things considered, she hadn't been able to arrange some of them. So my oldest daughter offered to do that for her. So she and I spent some time together last night cutting stems and arranging flowers in vases then scattering them even more widely throughout her house. It felt like we'd brought the garden indoors. It was so lovely! Pictured above is my daughter's first floral arrangement that she did completely on her own. I think it's beautiful, of course! I also think she has an eye for color and arrangement. 

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