Friday, April 25, 2014


Today's Blogging From A to Z Challenge letter is V

Voice: The other day I wrote about style and voice came into my post a little bit. It's a topic often spoken (or rather, written) about my authors or those who claim to be experts. For a period of time I worried about whether or not my voice was being interpreted the way I wanted it to be in my writing. I have, thankfully, stopped worrying about how my voice is perceived. The reason is fairly simple, I'm true to myself with my writing. I write what I enjoy and I write what I hear in my head. As a result, I no longer feel any pressure to come across 'a certain way'. I am who I am and I write what I write. I imagine (meaning I really hope!) I come across the way I hear myself and my characters as I write their stories. The last thing I ever want to seem as a writer is a phony hack. I attempt to write entertaining stories with strong characters that are often overcoming something within their lives. I hope my writing voice tells their stories well.

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