Saturday, April 12, 2014


Today's Blogging From A to Z Challenge  is brought to you by the Letter K. Wait, this is my blog, not Sesame Street. Now you're possibly scratching your head and wondering if you're in the right place. You are, and I'm using my K topic to write about the particular lights of my life.
Kids: I have two kids whom I love with all of my heart. They are my first priority always. After I had my first I stopped writing. I think that's somewhat normal. My husband and I were new parents. We were completely in love, in awe and severely sleep-deprived. It makes sense to me that some things in life would be put aside for a while and for me that was my writing. I started writing again when the first was a little over a year. Then repeated this cycle with our second child. However, I missed my writing more quickly the second time. Then I struggled with balance. I wondered if I could give my writing the attention I had before and still be a good mom. The answer is yes but it took me a while to realize and truly accept that I could - and should - continue with my writing. The reason I said I should is because following my passion and my heart's desire has truly made me an even better parent. My husband knows this, our daughters know this, as well. My point is, always follow your dreams and show your children that your dreams are as valuable as theirs.


  1. I don't know how you people with kids manage to find time to write! You are amazing. I find it hard enough right now having no kids :P

  2. Love your last line! I'm glad you're following your dream and still making time for your kids.