Saturday, April 5, 2014

Energy and Emotions of my Writing Life

The Blogging From A to Z Challenge continues with the letter E.

I admit that I had a bit of a hard time coming up with a topic that relates to my writing and the letter E. Now, as the day is more over than not, I have a good idea:

Energy: Writing requires energy for me. It requires physical and mental energy. I know that I am a much better writer when I am well rested or have recently completed some exercise. Speaking of exercise, I have the best brainstorming sessions when I am working out. I get so much clarity for my stories in the midst of a workout. If I am having a problem writing a scene or something about it just feels off I usually go for a walk. I can guarantee that during that time I will figure out what I need to do in order to advance or even fix my scene or chapter.

I have also been known to get some really crazy ideas while working out. Some of them I have used while others I probably won't. However, I try to write down all of my ideas, regardless of genre. You know what they say; Never say never.

I've noticed that food also plays a part in my writing. What I mean is, the healthier I'm eating, the better I feel I'm writing. It makes sense to me but it's still interesting to see and feel it in motion. That's not to say I don't have a stash of chocolate because I do, believe me.

Emotions: Emotions are actually two-fold: Mine and my characters'. My emotions definitely play a role in my daily writing. It's a fact that if I'm in a good mood my writing flows a lot better than if I'm in a funk. Although, sometimes I get a lot done if I'm mad, too.

There have been times when my emotions or moods have bled into my characters lives. I try really hard to avoid this as I want them to be authentic but it is true that small pieces of my life appear in theirs now and then.

Thank you for stopping by. The challenge takes Sunday's off so F will be brought to you on Monday. I know for certain I'll be discussing how my family and friends play into my writing life. We'll see if I come up with something else to add.


  1. Yes, and yes. Energy is definitely required - maybe that's why many writers eat chocolate? hehe. And emotion is what we draw on to get those 'feels' in our writing.

  2. Snap I picked emotion but not energy, loved the post. It's nice to follow and connect

  3. Chocolate is essential! I think perhaps we get our best writing ideas while walking because our heart pumps better and we get more oxygen to the brain, which stimulates thinking. I don't know if there's scientific proof for that, but that's my theory on it!

  4. Writing takes an amazing amount of energy, which always surprises me since it's just sitting. But the brain working so intensely burns calories too! Nice blog, following you from the Challenge. I'll be back!