Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pitching a Book

Last night I wrote - and immediately sent off - a two hundred word pitch for one of my completed novels.  Of course I am thrilled that I did this but right now, I am forcing myself not to think about it.  Why? Because it is horribly nerve wracking to me! Generally, I'm not a person who suffers with self doubt but pitching my novels makes me insane.  Did I write the best pitch I possibly could have? I keep wondering if two hundred words is even enough to properly convey a sixty-five thousand word book? My gut reaction is no it is absolutely not! Then I take a deep breath and change my mind.  If I can't catch a readers attention - in this fast-paced world we live in - within two hundred words then sixty-thousand more aren't going to make much difference.

So, I do believe I wrote a great pitch.  There's no way it covers every thing in my book but it would get my attention if it was a book blurb.  My husband also likes it and as he's my biggest supporter so that means something to me.  Now the waiting game begins.  I think, rather than make myself too anxious over the wait - I'll just start writing a new book.

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  1. Proud of you! I love reading stories like this because 1) I'm always thrilled to hear that a friend has taken a big step with their writing career and 2) it lights a fire under my butt to get busy and finish my WIP that I'm about 1000 words in to. So good luck to you. I hope you get nothing but good news. And thank you for being a source of inspiration for another would-be writer. =O)