Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Book Review - The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne by Madeline Hunter

A year ago, I had not read a book by Madeline Hunter.  Now, I love her and have realized that she will be an automatic read for me when she has a new book.  This was the case with her new book, The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne.  At the end of February I found myself wondering if Ms. Hunter had a new book coming out and went to look at her website.  I was delighted to discover that there was a new book and it came out on March 6th.

Emma Fairbourne is the daughter of an auction house owner, Maurice Fairbourne, who has recently passed away.  With her father dead and her brother presumed dead - something Emma refuses to accept - she is left to run the family business.  Of course, she lives in a world where a woman running a business would be quite frowned upon.  So she devises a plan with one trusted friend and an equally trusted, but reluctant, colleague to run the auction house herself.  Naturally her plan is almost immediately put the test.

The test appears in the form of Darius, the Earl of Southwaite.  Emma learns that he and her father were in actuality, business partners.  With her father's untimely death, the Earl of Southwaite wishes to sell the auction house.  This is completely unwelcome news to Emma and she does her best to outwit Darius and his unwanted plan.

At first Emma and Darius barely tolerate one another.  Before long though, there are sparks of attraction flying between them.  Now they are faced with not only what to do about the auction house but what to do about one another.  This is a wonderful book and I adore Emma and Darius as a couple.  There are also secondary characters in the book who I assume will be featured in the coming installments of The Fairbourne Quartet.  I believe most who enjoy a historical romance will enjoy The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne.

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