Thursday, March 22, 2012

Booking Through Thursday - Better

Booking Through Thursday is a fun, weekly, bookish question and response event. This week's question is:
Ever read a book you thought you could have written better yourself? 
Well, this is quite the provocative question.  At first I wasn't going to participate but then decided, why not? I'm certainly not out to bash an author or their work.  That being said, the book I thought I could have written better is New Moon by Stephenie Meyer.  Yes, of the so well-loved Twilight Saga.  Oh, I know I'm opening myself up to all sorts of possible grief over my opinion on this but I just was not fond of this book! It frustrated me on so many levels that I barely made it through the darn book.  In fact, the only thing that kept me reading was all the people telling me how much better Eclipse was and that New Moon set it up.  Sigh.

I am not a Young Adult author and I won't pretend that I know the nuances of writing the genre because I don't.  However, it seems to me that letting the reader in on what was actually going on with Edward Cullen during the majority of the book would have been a good thing! That's the biggest thing I would have done differently had I written the book.  I really do think that would have been much better.  Instead it was page after page after page after page of Bella's angst and stupidity! Oh, it makes me cringe just thinking about it.

I do feel compelled to add that I read the entire Twilight Saga.  While they're not my favorite books ever - the other three in the series were more tolerable to me.  In addition, I really liked Meyer's unrelated-to-Twilight book The Host.

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