Sunday, September 4, 2011

Book Review - Dangerous in Diamonds by Madeline Hunter

Dangerous in Diamonds is the final book in Madeline Hunter's The Rarest Blooms quartet.  Ms. Hunter was a new author to me and I so enjoyed this series that I will definitely be reading more of her work.  In Dangerous in Diamonds we finally learn about the mysterious and aloof Daphne Joyes along with the scandalous Tristan St. Ives - aka The Duke of Castleford. 

Castleford receives an unexpected inheritance in the form of several small parcels of land.  Along with the land his benefactor requests that Castleford allow the inhabitants to continue living where they are for a price that is near to nothing.  His first inclination is to just let matters be and acquiesce to the conditions of the inheritance.  However, since it is a Tuesday - the one day a week he sees to his Ducal duties and is actually sober - he decides to at least check out the parcels of land.  He begins with the one nearest to London; a piece of land that hosts a business known as The Rarest Blooms.

Daphne Joyes has taken great pride in the growing of her plants and flowers.  She is quite happy with the fact that she has been able to turn her horticultural love into a thriving business.  As a war widow, the money earned helps her provide for herself and the home that has become her sanctuary.  The Rarest Blooms has been a sanctuary to many women hiding from their pasts for a variety of reasons - and Daphne is no exception.

When Castleford comes calling about the land - Daphne is ready to shoot him as a trespasser on her land.  Once she realizes who he is - she is grateful that he is considering allowing her to stay in her home.  Of course, Castleford's curiosity grows exponentially as he finds himself attracted to the intelligent and beautiful Daphne.

What ensues is a battle of wits and a clashing of ideals as the two have cross purposes for the use of the land.  All the while, Daphne fights her attraction to Castleford while he does every thing he can think of to encourage it.  Then they realize they have a common nemesis and join forces to protect The Rarest Blooms.

Dangerous in Diamonds is funny, sweet, emotionally honest and at times heart breaking.  It is also full of the human spirit and baeutifully illustrates ones ability to rise above - and flourish - the bad things we have no control over.  I highly recommend The Rarest Blooms series and Dangerous in Diamonds in particular.

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