Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Review - Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts

Chasing Fire is the latest book by the ever-amazing Nora Roberts.  Rowan Tripp is a second generation fire jumper in Missoula, Montana.  Gulliver Curry is a rookie (and the best in his class) to the job of fire jumping, but no stranger to working with and putting out fires.  He has decided to learn to jump out of planes in order to put out fires for the occupational challenge and yes, the thrill of it.  Meeting Rowan proves to be the icing on top of the cake.  And the sparks literally fly between Rowan and Gull upon initial meeting.  Even though Rowan has never been romantically involved with anyone she has worked with in the past, she does indeed allow an involvement between herself and Gull.

Of course, nothing comes easy or gracefully to the pair.  She is assuming their affair will end with the fire season and he starts making plans for their future.  Then someone disappears and Rowan finds a burned body on a jump - and immediately becomes a murder suspect.  While trying to work off her anger at having to prove her innocence - someone tries to kill Rowan.

Gulliver (and everyone close to Rowan) go into high alert and serious protective mode.  Naturally, this annoys her but she's smart enough to know it's necessary. 

Chasing Fire is a fast paced and engaging read from Roberts.  It is full of tension - romantic and murderous.  It was interesting to read about a couple falling in love in the midst of true life and death danger.  This book is definitely worth the read.

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  1. It is a pretty tough thing to write about an romance author as big as Nora Roberts, who has constantly products books that do extremely well! I have been a Nora Roberts fan for years and I am pretty sure I have read every book she has written. For her last few series, I felt like I had the book figured out before I got to the end just because her style can be so similar. Now while this can be frustrating, it is also kind of nice to be able to know that when you pick up a book it is going to be constant and great quality. That being said, Chasing Fire surprised me because I didn't have it figured out as a matter of fact I didn't have any clue how the book was going to end.