Monday, May 16, 2011

Musing Monday's: Schools Without Libraries

Musing Monday's is hosted by Miz B at Should Be Reading. This week's musing:

The local Catholic school board is closing its school libraries, and parents and teachers –and even the students– are in an uproar. Budget cuts demanded that the board choose something to get rid of… they choose libraries. As such, many librarians have lost their jobs. And, the board is moving the books to the classrooms, instead. They feel that it is a good solution.

What do you think? Should the schools be without an actual “library” room? Is this a good solution?

This is a terrible 'solution'! I fear that this sort of elimination for the purpose of school 'budget cuts' is going to be wide spread.  Just last week Los Angeles Unified School District librarians were (and probably still are) fighting for their jobs; in an improvised court setting.  Complete with attorneys, a judge and a lot of interrogation.  I so wish I was kidding but I'm not.  Here is a link to an article in the L.A. Times about this ridiculous atrocity.

School libraries are more than just a room to store books.  The librarian is more than just a woman (or man) to check the books out to students.  I can not even begin to count the number of times a librarian helped me out with something as a student - all the way through college.  Granted, we have the amazing resource of the internet now but I firmly believe the school librarians (and the library itself) are still a necessary part of education.  My elementary school child goes to the library once a week.  She looks forward to it and actually thinks about the books she wants to check out.  It's an experience that aids in her learning and adds to her growing love for reading.

I absolutely do not think that school librarians and libraries should be cut from our schools.  I'm tired of the constant cuts to the actual educators because of the abyssmal financial times we live in.  Who does it hurt most in the long run? Our kids; as their class sizes grow and the resources decline, our kids are paid less and less attention during the school hours they are supposed to be learning.  Why don't any of the education administrators take any sort of cuts? Have you heard of that happening? I haven't.  In fact, I continue to hear about the the administrators (the ones NOT actually teaching) making six figure incomes.  Notice I say not the teachers.  I am aware that most teachers live on much less than they deserve.  While certain board members and some school principles make six figures.  It's ridiculous and disgusting! Why don't the non-educators take some of their proposed cuts and put the money back into actually educating the children? It seems logical to me.


  1. I was always in a library than my girls were always in school library one even on her school library board with helping pick out future books. they are a great resource especailly in small towns. I agree that adminstraters need to cut back and sports need to cut maybe a few less games a year to travel to.

  2. That LAUSD situation made my skin crawl. I couldn't believe they were questioning librarians' roles as educators, and asking exactly what they 'taught.'

    As for your last paragraph, I saw a button posted on Facebook last week that said, 'Those who can teach; those who can't pass laws about teaching.' I love that!

  3. As a librarian myself, I concur with your conclusion that it's a sucky 'solution'

  4. I agree. I wrote a post about the state of our libraries a while back after seeing a post where something like 70% of the population voted to get rid of the libraries.

    Sadly, with so many non-readers/reluctant readers in our midst many do not appreciate these resources or think them necessary. They won't realize the impact until it is too late. Even then, they will probably attribute it to something else. Some Superintendant or politician.