Monday, May 30, 2011

Review - Castles by Julie Garwood

Castles was the first book I read by Julie Garwood.  I read it in the mid 1990's and remember loving it.  The book recently became available in electronic format and I decided that I wanted to read it again.  So, I downloaded it to my Nook and happily read away.  I was quite surprised by how much of the book I actually remembered.  I still enjoyed the book, though.

Castles is set in early 1800's London and is the love story between Alesandra and Colin.  Alesandra is a Princess that has spent many years in a French convent after the death of her beloved mother and father.  Her father was once the King of a European nation but gave up the throne to marry for love.  The people of the country never forgot how much they loved Alesandra's father.  Now they are being taken over by the dictatorial General Ivan who is hellbent on having Alesandra as his wife.  With the help of the guards hired by the Mother Superior to protect Alesandra - she escapes to London; where her father's best friend and her guardian live.  This man happens to be Colin's father.

Alesandra's guardian - 'Uncle Henry' - agrees to help her find a suitable English husband in hopes that this will deter General Ivan.  As they are about to embark on a London season, Henry and his wife become quite ill.  So does his eldest son Caine and his wife Jade.  Thus leaving Colin as Alesandra's caretaker in the time of illness.  Colin is immediately attracted to Alesandra but suspicious that his father just wants him to marry the surprisingly unspoiled Princess.  Of course, much to Colin's irritation, this is exactly what his father wants.

Castles is a fun and beautiful story.  Do Colin and Alesandra fall in love? Of course they do but it is entertaining to go along for the ride.  Especially as you wonder if they will actually marry.  And there's is also the mystery of a few missing women who may of met an untimely death at the hands of a serial killer.  General Ivan doesn't give up on his quest to mary Alesandra, either. 

This book is a perfect example of Julie Garwood's fabulous talent as a writer.  If you've never read anything by her - this is a great book to begin with.


  1. Sounds great! Thanks for the recommendation :)

  2. I've read Ransom and Honor's Splendour by Julie Garwood and I loved them. They are some of my favorite novels. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm definitely getting this. =D