Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Writer's Funk

I am in a serious writer's funk.  This happens to me once or twice a year - so I'm not surprised by it - but I am thoroughly frustrated with it.  I keep telling myself it will pass and to just 'keep writing'.  In an attempt to follow my own advice - I have indeed kept to my writing over the past week or so.  And have really disliked nearly every thing I have written.  As I said, thoroughly frustrating! Today, I barely wrote anything.  I am finding that I just want to read.  I want to stick my nose - and my imagination - into the pages of books and go to places that are not of my creation.  Maybe I should just take this path for a few days and see if I feel more inspired.

I am wondering what other writers do when they have the inevitable writer's funk.  Stop whining (I know that's what I'm doing) and just keep writing, read a book or take a break in another way?



  1. Hi! I entirely sympathize with what you're going through. It happens to all of us. I've found that reading often helps because it reminds me of what I love about writing--weaving a story--but there have been times that I just had to leave my writing for a short time and come back fresh later.

    Don't worry; it will pass. And when it does and you get back to writing, it will be as great as before.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Gabrielle Bisset

  2. Oh. Here's my solution. I count; writing, blogging, editing, searching for an agent, AND reading as my 4hrs of writing time. Every day. So as long as I do one or a combination of those things for 4 hours, I've dedicated time to my addiction, and I'm happy, I've never failed, and I usually do 6 to 8. Considering I work and have 2 kids, well, you can imagine how clean my house is and how much I sleep.

    Still, how can I fail when I cheat like that? But hey, it's my fantasy world, I can make the rules. I choose the one that fits with my mood since I am a gemini and easily distracted.

    Want good motivation? Look at the end of your favourite movies for the interviews with the writers. Oh yeah baby. Those send me on writing binges for months. After I watched Stephanie Meyers I went into a writting comma.

    Good luck, trick is to have fun. Cheat. Motivate. And repeat.

  3. I think you should take a break! Let yourself read and enjoy the written word. You'll get back to your own writing when the time's right! That's my advice, hope it's not bad advice :P