Friday, February 4, 2011

Review - Absolutely, Positively by Heather Webber

Product Details

Pub. Date: February 1, 2011

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Format: NOOKbook (eBook) , 320pp

Synopsis From Barnes & Noble

Lucy Valentine is still searching for love - for her clients and for her self - and this time, she’s about to go public with her private displays of affection -

“Exposed” by a Boston Herald reporter, Lucy is suddenly the talk of the town. Long back-story short: Even though the rest of her Valentine ancestors were blessed by Cupid with psychic abilities, Lucy’s only special power lies in her ability to find things. This skill has proven quite a blessing for those who come to her matchmaking agency in search of finding their long-lost loves. Now that Lucy’s secret is out, she has more new clients than she knows what to do with. But soon a certain man of mystery steals Lucy’s spotlight.

My Thoughts

First, I have to say, don't be fooled by the B&N synopsis quoted above.  It's not a very good - or even overly accurate - synopsis of what I think is a wonderful third installment in a charming, quirky and all around lovely series. 

Lucy doesn't feel that her 'spotlight' is being stolen because she doesn't want to be in the spotlight to begin with.  She is fiercely protective of her and her family's privacy.  Also, Lucy is still looking to reunite her clients - in this case, Meaghan Archibald - with their long lost loves but she definitely has love of her own.  To make it seem otherwise takes a beautiful part of this story and attempts to reduce it to non existence.  Lucy Valentine is in love with Sean Donahue and he has a problem that (I don't want to give it away!) makes her sick with worry.  Lucy is a funny, loving, caring, protective woman and the reader just falls in love with her.  The fact that she wants to use her psychic ability to help people in their quest for love - and sometimes the gift of closure - makes her that much more charming.

This book has the same lovely characters as the first two books: Lucy, Sean, Raphael, Dovie, Preston, Oscar, Judie, Em, Aiden and Marisol.  Then you throw in a man tossing away money in the park, a menagerie of animals, a washed up rock star, murder and you have yourself quite a good mystery with the perfect dash of romance.  Treat yourself to this book - you'll be happy you did.  I definitely give Absolutely, Positively an A.



  1. Sounds like a great read! I should check this series out :)

    Also, it's funny (and bad) when a synopsis can be misleading that way.

  2. such a good read. loved each of the lucy valentine novels.