Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All You Need Is Now --

-- is finally here! Well, most of it but it is AMAZING! This iTunes only, partial album release has already sky rocketed to number one on the iTunes download charts in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Italy.  And it is number three in Japan.  All of this on the first day of the albums release.  Like I said, amazing.

The tracks on this - the 13th studio release by Duran Duran - are a wonderful mix of modern technological sound and classic Duran Duran.  The tracks releases today are as follows:

1. All You Need Is Now
2. Blame the Machines
3. Being Followed
4. Leave a Light On
6. Girl Panic
7. The Man Who Stole a Leopard
8. Runway Runaway
9. Before the Rain

So far, my favorite track is 'Leave a Light On'.  It is so incredibly beautiful.  The full length CD and vinyl versions of All You Need Is Now are due to be released February 2011.  I am really looking forward to hearing the rest of this outstanding album.  I am also really, really hoping for a tour.  I'm fairly certain one is on the horizon.

EDITING TO ADD: Oops! I swear I thought I was posting this to my Duran Duran blog.  I thought (for about five seconds) about deleting this from here but I'm not going to.  Now you all know just how much I love Duran Duran.  I have a blog all about them and their amazing music.  I'm adding this post to the DD blog, too.  LOL

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