Monday, November 1, 2010

Musing Monday's: Holiday Themed Books

Musing Monday's is hosted by Miz B at Should Be Reading.  Today, she asks:

Do you have any special reading that you do as it gets closer to Christmas? If so, tell us about it! And, if not, tell us why not!

I am a sucker for books with a Christmas theme! I've started seeing them on the shelves at the bookstore and the library already.I can't wait to read some of them. In case anyone is wondering, even though I love the Christmas-themed books, I won't read them until after Thanksgiving (the end of November in America). I know the reason I like the holiday books so much is because I'm guaranteed a happy ending. Everything is always, well, tied up in a nice pretty bow. LOL The books are escapist brain candy at its finest and that's usually what I'm in the mood for in December.

I do want to read Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol this year.  My husband and I love the movie and always watch it together but I've wanted to read the book for a long while now.  This is the year I'm finally going to do so.


  1. perfect! Someone else who loves to read Christmas books! Although I have to admit, I already semi-cheated because I bought a bunch of them. My official start is the day after Halloween :) Angie

  2. Oh my gosh... I just wrote the same thing..about A Christmas Carol.
    Let's do it!

  3. Debbie - I tried to post at your blog about doing a read-along for 'A Christmas Carol' but it wouldn't ket me. Anyway, I'm thinking it'd be great to do one and I'm going to attempt to get one going.