Thursday, November 4, 2010

Heatwave in November

First, let me say that I know it is completely uncool of me to complain about the weather.  Especially since I am about to do it on my blog that is about books and writing.  That being said, I apologize, but I am indeed going to complain and rant about the darn heat right now.  It is nearly 10:30 at night and it is 74 degrees.  Our high today was 95 degrees.  It's Novemebr for God's sake! It should be cooling down.  I should be wanting a light blanket at night, not air conditioning.  Which, by the way, ours is broken.  I assure you - that is adding to my cranky mood.  My poor kids and I have heat rash.  heat rash, people! Do you know how miserable that is?

Yes, I know the (American) East coast is experiencing winter typre temperatures already.  I have a friend who lives back there and told me the temperatures were in the 30's already.  I'm sorry, I really am.  It's too early to be that cold back there.  Maybe Mother Nature could give both ends of our country a break and compromise with te,peratures in the 60's? That sounds wonderful to me.

On a positive note - and to show that I'm not entirely petualant and whiny - my husband brought home dinner.  Which meant no need for an oven or a stove top burner tonight.  He also brought home frozen yogurt.  I'm going to get some right now.  Okay, whiny session over and done.

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  1. It's been between under 10 degrees C this week, and I know Canada is notorious for nasty winter weather, but the worst hasn't even started yet. At least it's not in the negatives :P