Sunday, October 8, 2017

30 Days of readathon - Genre

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Today's prompt for 30 days of readathon is genre. Romance is far and away my favorite genre to read. It's the same genre I write so I guess it makes sense that it's also my favorite to read. I can and have read almost all of the sub-genres but I like Contemporary and Historical Romance the best. Well, I suppose I'd have to add Romantic Suspense to that list of favorite sub-genres because a good romance mixed with a good mystery is also wonderful. I thank my mom for getting me into romance even though her original favorites aren't mine. I say original because now we do share a lot of the same favorite authors and books but the ones she read when was young aren't ones I enjoy. That's okay though because she still introduced me to the world of strong heroes and heroines, love and happily ever after. 

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