Friday, May 13, 2016

So ready for summer

At the very least I am ready for my kids to be on summer vacation! I love when they are on vacation and especially during the summer. Every thing just seems to slow down and move at a more relaxed pace. There's no homework, projects or multiple other obligations. Don't get me wrong - my kids go to a great school and I am thankful that they have had some great teachers but there is just something so fabulous about summer vacation. It's almost here and my kids are already asking to go to the pool and the beach. They even want to go camping this year which is an exciting thing to their dad and I. They even want to fish while we're camping. Of course they also want to release the fish we catch. That's kind of a bummer freshly caught grilled fish is delicious. That's all right though - we'll throw the fish back this time.

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