Monday, May 2, 2016

Library Love

I love this quote so much! I also love the library so very much! I always have. I can't remember getting my first library card as a child. I just remember always having one. We moved around a lot when I was a kid but my brother and I always knew where the library was and we both made frequent use of it. I imagine it was probably my mom who made sure we knew where it was and set us up with our library cards in each new place we lived but I don;t remember that for sure, either. What I remember is always having the certainty of books and stories and new adventures in my life. Through stories and words on the pages of books my brother and I had friends even if we didn't know anyone else in our new home.

As a mom I have made certain that my children have library cards. I have made sure that we use our local library on a regular basis. We go to the library every seven to ten days during the school year and once or twice a week during summer. In addition to the books we all get there our library has a wonderful summer program that my kids love. They also have a pretty decent selection of movies that my kids have recently begun checking out. The librarians are always so helpful and a wonderful source of knowledge. I am so thankful for our library system and hope that it never goes away. 

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