Sunday, September 9, 2012

Romance Junkies Read-a-Thon

I admit it, I am a sucker for a Read-a-Thon.  There are so very many to choose from that I just can't participate in all of them, though.  When I saw that Danielle from Romance Book Junkies is hosting her first one, I immediately signed up to be a part of it.  You can click on the link for her blog to sign up if you're interested.

Here are the details of the Read-a-Thon:

* The read-a-thon will be held from September 27th to the 29th. Within this time frame the challenge is to read for 24 hours. No matter how you do it for example you could read 8 hours per day, you could read 12 hours for 2 days or you could read 24 hours straight (for our hard core readers). Its up to you how you schedule your 24 hours.
* There will be 2 challenges throughout the read-a-thon with some great prizes. One challenge will be to read for the 24 hours of course throughout the 3 days and the other challenge will be a surprise. I will be sending out emails with more details closer to the read-a-thon.
* I will also be hosting a twitter party on the 28th from 8:00pm to 9:30pm were I will be giving away 3 huge swag packs. Again more details to come by email.
* We are all going to stay connected, update our status and have our twitter party at hashtag #RJreadathon.
* In order to qualify for the first challenge you need to make a post at the beginning and end of the read-a-thon with you schedule and your accomplishments then post the link to #RJreadathon.
* If you do not have a blog that's ok too you can post your schedule and accomplishments on twitter to enter the challenge. So all are welcome.
There are a few more details at Romance Book Junkies but this is the crux of it all.  I am so looking forward to this one.  And I already know what book I'll be kicking off this RAT with; J.K. Rowling's A Casual Vacancy.  It comes out on the 27th and I seriously can not wait to get my hands and eyes on the book and start reading it.

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