Monday, September 24, 2012

Musing Monday's - Hobbies and Collections

Musing Monday's is hosted by Miz B at Should Be Reading. This week’s musing, courtesy of– asks…
Do you have any hobbies outside of reading?
Or do you collect anything?

This is a fabulous musing! My hobbies outside of reading are mostly craft related.  I crochet, scrapbook, take a LOT of pictures, and have recently started teaching myself to sew.  My friend also sent me items to learn knitting - which I am very excited about.  Also, my children love puzzles and I really enjoy doing puzzles with them.

As for collections; Aside from my BOOK collection, my husband and I have quite a music collection.  We both came into our marriage with quite a lot of vinyl records (yes, I'm aging myself, I know), CD's and even some cassettes.  Most of the cassettes have gone now but we still have the CD's and vinyl.  And our children are beginning to love collecting music, too. 

I also have a Duran Duran (my MOST FAVORITE band EVER!) collection.  In addition to their music (yes, on vinyl and CD) I have all their merchandise that I collected during my teen years: posters, pins, books, a purse, a jacket and many, many t-shirts.  A lot of my Duran Duran t-shirts have been purchased during my adult years.  In fact, they have a store on their official website that has a lot of stuff I want - like coffee mugs! I WILL be getting the mugs very soon.  Oh, and some more t-shirts, of course - for myself and my children.  I'm happy to say my Duran Duran love has been inherited by my kids.  LOL


  1. Duran Duran..I knew there had to be someone collecting

  2. I wish I still had my vinyl collection, but when I sold my house and downsized to a condo, I gave those to my son. I even had a copy of Hair, from 1970, and of course several Beetles albums and Cat Stevens.

    Really dating


  3. I just got a device so I can transfer all my cassette tapes to mp3 format, so I will be revisiting my Duran Duran tapes!

  4. I forgot about music as a hobby... that is awesome! My parents have tons of records. They had even more when I was little, but they've weeded their collection out. Me and my brother grew up listening to them when our parents did, and also playing them on our own when we were home alone! I feel bad for kids these days who have never experienced listening to a record. CD's and mp3s are convenient, but there is nothing like the smell of a record and the way it starts to crackle when you set the needle down!

  5. I miss my vinyl. I still own about 700 vinyl LPs, but unfortunately they are on a different continent from me - they are stored in the UK at my parents house, but I live in Canada. I have no idea how much it would cost for me to be reunited with them, though!