Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NaNoWriMo Has Begun

Here we are, at the end of day two of National Novel Writing Month and I am doing pretty well.  I'm at 3,700 words and should have had 3,333.  I'm happy that I am slightly ahead but honestly, i was hoping for more.  It's all right though.  I am happy to be a little ahead.  I just know that the next several days are going to be insane as we are moving and was hoping to have a bigger chunk done.  Oh well, it'll be all right and if need be - I'll play catch up once we're in our new place.  I had to do plenty of that last year and still managed to get just over the required 50,000 words.

As a bonus, I am happy with my story so far.  And oh yeah, two hours before NaNo was to start, i had a completely new idea and decided to go with it.  So my previous planning is not being put to use for this novel.  How is everyone else doing with their novels so far? Great, I hope!


  1. Sheery - Hello from the BBC meta-world! I, obviously, also use blogger and got here from your NaNoWriMo profile. It looks like you started the project off with a bang! I'm justuskats on there, too, if you want a buddy.

    So is the word count what they consider "winning?" I was flashing back to Charlie Sheen and wondered if it's just a matter of self-satisfaction (must like his).

    Good luck with your novel.