Monday, November 28, 2011

Book Review - Captain Andrew's Flying Christmas

Heather Hiestand's Captain Andrew's Flying Christmas is my first foray into the Steam Punk genre.  I have to say that if this is a good example of the genre - I will definitely be reading more of it.  The e-book was a quick but enjoyable read; set in mid 1800's London and filled with romance and adventure.

Linet Fenna is forced into a life of servitude when her adventurous, pirate sort of father is captured and hung for his supposed crimes.  Three years later, on Christmas Eve - she is sitting at her bedroom window, wishing for a different life when a ladder falls from the sky.  Looking up, she sees her father's flying ship and grabs hold of the ladder and her destiny with both hands.

To her dismay, the man at the top of the ladder, one Captain Andrew, is the son of the man she believes is responsible for her father's death and the demise of her family.  What follows is a quick paced, romance filled adventure that brings with it the truth, love and a new and emotionally richer family.  I read this in an evening and would highly recommend it to anyone in the mood for a fun, lovely story with a happy ending.  I know that I will also be searcing for more in this genre.

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