Saturday, July 23, 2011

Review - Suddenly by Candace Camp

Suddenly by Candace Camp is the story of Simon Dure and Charity Emerson.  Simon is set to ask for Serena Emerson's hand in marriage.  he likes her but there is no passion and that's exactly what he wants; that and heirs, of course.  Serena is prepared to accept his proposal out of familial obligation.  Even though she is in love with the pastor in her country home village.  Intent on saving her sister from a loveless marriage - and what she assumes will be a sad life - Charity intervenes on her sister's behalf.  She offers herself for marriage to Simon - in place of her sister.

Of course, Simon accapts but only after he has been thoroughly talked into it by Charity.  Their courtship seems innocent enough.  They are fiercely attracted to one another and want to wed quickly.  Simon manages to convince Charity's mother to have the wedding in six months rather than the traditional twelve.  All seems to be going well - until Simon is accused of murder.  And all of the circumstantial evidence points to Simon indeed being a murderer. 

Camp's tale of passion and murder in Regency London is splendidly told and filled with love.  I really enjoyed this book.  Even though a bit of the plot was obvious from the beginning I still enjoyed the unfolding of the story.  Simon and Charity as a couple were delightful to read about.  If you like a bit of mystery thrown into your love story - this book is a great choice.

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  1. Great review! I've been wanting to try something by Candace Camp.