Monday, July 4, 2011

Musing Monday's - Cull or Surrender

Musing Monday's is hosted by Miz B at Should Be Reading.  This week’s musing (courtesy of the BookCrazy Yahoo! group) asks…

Here is a link to an NPR discussion about the simple fact that there’s no way you can read, see and experience all the things that are available to be experienced. The two methods for dealing with it are culling (i.e., cutting out certain genres that don’t interest you, etc.) or surrender (i.e., just making peace with the facts and enjoying what you can in the time that you have).

So, do you cull, or do you surrender? Or do you do both?

I cull and I surrender.  I cull because I have never seen the point in reading what I am simply not interested in taking the time to read.  This excludes certain items I didn't necessarily care to read in school, of course, but still read.  For example, I am not a horror fan at all.  I get scared too easily and as a teenager had nightmares when attempting to read Stephen King.  I know this about myself so see no reason to put myself through it.  I'm sure Stephen King is an amazing novelist.  I've read plenty of articles that's he's written and quite admire his style and wit but I just can't read his books.  So yes, I cull certain genres and authors that I just can not read for whatever reason.

I also surrender to the fact that there are many wonderful books (already written and those yet to come) that i won't get around to in my lifetime.  If I think about that it's sad to me.  So I try not to think about it and simply enjoy the good books I am lucky enough to discover.

Happy 4th of July to those who are celebrating either in the United States or abroad.


  1. Good answer :)

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  3. I agree about Stephen King! I tried one of his books but had to put it down without finishing.

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  4. I love Stephen King. LOVE him!! I don't mind being scared, but I know others who just can't read anything that scares them.
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  5. I think I tend more to surrender. Sure, you must cull, but I also think you have to stay a little open to every genre. Especially if it come with a really strong recommendation. :-)