Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dewey's 24-Hour readathon

 The next installment of Dewey's 24-Hor readathon is this Saturday, April 29th! It's a fun-filled event of reading, cheering, eating, drinking, doing challenges and basically sharing the love of books with others who feel the same about them! Of course, you don't have to do all of those things I just listed. You don't even have to do them for the twenty-four hours - I never have. My start time is %;00 a.m. and I just can't make that work on a Saturday morning! That being said, this event is something  really look forward to participating in the two times per year that it happens. I love the reading I'm able to get done. I love spending time with my kids reading - alone and together. We love the snacks I buy for it and the overall camaraderie of book lovers! If this sounds like fun to you, too, sign up here!

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