Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Title

I HAVE A TITLE! Excuse my all caps excitement, please. I am so excited to FINALLY have a Title for my current book! I was truly beginning to sweat not having a title for my book because I am ready to submit said book - as in tomorrow, the next morning at the latest! 

It's not uncommon for me to lack a title at the beginning of a writing project. It doesn't bother me at that point because I know the title will come to me during the writing process. I also know whatever title I choose may be changed when it comes to publication. Still, I need to submit the book with a title. So imagine my nerves as I began to near the end of writing the story and still had no title. Then I went through the first round of revision with no idea of what I wanted to call the book! Same thing for revision round two. Now I'm at the end of my third round of revision and until about an hour ago still had NO IDEA what I wanted to call this book! Then it FINALLY came to me and I am so happy with it! I won't get emotionally attached to the title but I am still so relieved that I have a name for my book!

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I love writing advice! That doesn't mean I always take it but I LOVE to hear and read about authors opinions and advice on their personal writing journeys. Though I don't take every bit of advice I hear I do always learn something I can use! Add in a title that's meant to make people smile and I can guarantee I'm going to want to read the book - and learn the advice. I just got this book today so I can't share anything I've learned from it just yet. However, I am excited to get into it.

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